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Le Vasa Resort Samoa Fale Le Vasa Resort Samoa

Waterfront Resort Accommodations

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Le Vasa provides secluded luxury waterfront resort accommodations in Samoa. Le Vasa is a newly built oceanfront tropical paradise featuring private waterfront bungalows with queen & king size beds, ceiling fans, air conditioning, private ensuite w/ hot water, elegant South Pacific natural materials combined w/ a Mediterranean flair and seaside elegance.

TV Show Survivor 23 South Pacific 2011

Filmed Near Le Vasa Resort Samoa

The TV Program Survivor 23: South Pacific…

…was Filmed in Samoa on the island of Upolu near the Le Vasa Resort (the same location for seasons 19 and 20). Soraya May films Jeff Probst and Fatu as they put on a show at the Le Vasa Resort in Samoa.

Waterfront Resort Accommodations

Our romantic ambience, warm smiles, stunning sunsets, ocean and island views at Le Vasa creates magical memories for our guests. This unique waterfront resort accommodations location is truly one of a kind we have designed a welcoming setting offering a complete experience for the guests, an opportunity to indulge in the real Samoan culture or relax and rejuvenate these are just some of the features that make Le Vasa Resort a favourite VACATION choice among discerning travellers. View our specials on our Leva Resort Rooms Rates page

Waterfront Resort Accommodations Le Vasa Resort Samoa

Waterfront Resort Accommodations

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5 Responses to Le Vasa Resort, Samoa – Waterfront Accommodations – Specials – Holidays – Packages

  1. google says:

    I can attest to Le Vasa Resort being a fantastic place to visit. I spent 3 weeks there and I was treated like “Royalty”. Food was terrific and the accommodations could not have been better.

  2. Eye Floaters says:

    This might not be the largest Country in the World, but I think it is the most impressive. One way you can measure the success of somewhere is the measure it’s music. There is little doubt that this place blows other places away. I wouldn’t want to spend too much time there, but a year or three would be pretty awesome.

  3. amoxicillin says:

    Wow!!! You are an amazing dancer.
    Have you been to Le Vasa Resort Samoa?

  4. I’m extremely impressed with the videos that you have made. Such talent. Incredible dancer!!!

  5. soraya may says:

    William you are a terrific dancer. You should come to the Le Vasa Resort it is a great place to visit!! I will make arrangements for you to perform. So far three seasons of the TV show Survivor have been filmed in Samoa near the Le Vasa Resort.