Please find below a list of the main writers for Will-May. You can contact any of them by using their first name and then

John Mayfield
John is an experience entertainment writer enjoying many years both in the cinema and in the nightclub industries.

Alex Finard
Alex is both an experienced journalist and a Mother of two. She enjoys reading and writing and long walks

Ben Ace
Ben plays the markets both at home and abroad in his spare time when he is not writing for one of the major newspapers

Dr. Gar C. May
Graduated from University of California Berkeley majoring in Optometry and Anti Aging. He uses this knowledge to research the health industry. He is also a Real Estate Broker and specializes in Creative Real Estate Investing.

Edward A. Rose, Jr.
Legal News: Mr. Rose a San Diego Attorney and C.P.A. specializes in business law and teaches accounting and taxation at the National UniversityLaw School in San Diego.

Robert Cue
Having studied health at university, Robert uses this knowledge to research the health industry

Alfie Burd
Alfie is a sports maniac. Although he doesn’t have any formal journalist training, he is fast becoming a well known name

Elliot Hahn
Elliot Hahn loves the latest gadgets and also receiving them to test out.

William Blanco May

William is a “Rising Star” in the DanceSport Industry. He is an experienced performer becoming a well known name.

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